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Acon Digital Equalize 1.2 with VST3 Support Released

Oslo, March 18th, 2016 – Acon Digital have released version 1.2 of Equalize, their award winning parametric equalizer plug-in. The new version supports the VST3 standard and offers improved ergonomics as well as a more polished visual appearance. Tab buttons in the user interface give quick access to band specific settings. The visualization of the filter curves now indicates bands in solo or bypass mode. Holding down the alt key activates a cross-hair cursor with frequency and spectral level readout. Additionally, the spectrum analyzer has been improved with interpolation and a new spectrum hold mode.

Screenshot of Acon Digital Equalize

New Features

  • Supports VST3
  • Band related settings now reside in a tab control for quicker access to all bands
  • Center/cut-off frequencies up to 40 kHz regardless of sampling rate
  • Visualization of bands in solo or bypass mode
  • Spectrum analyzer is now interpolated
  • Reduced time jitter in spectrum analyzer
  • Added spectrum analyzer hold mode
  • Cross-hair cursor in the spectrum analyzer (Alt modifier)
  • UI theme visually improved
  • Many other bug fixes and smaller work-flow improvements

Acon Digital Equalize is available for both Windows (PC) and OS X (Macintosh) for $99.90 (USD) at Both 32 and 64 bit versions are available, and the plug-in formats VST, VST3, AAX and Audio Units (OS X only) are supported. More information is available on the Acon Digital Equalize product page


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About Acon AS

Acon AS was established in 1987 and offers award winning products and consulting services with a strong focus on digital signal processing and audio processing. The company offers high quality software for digital audio editing, audio restoration and mastering. Acon AS took over the audio editing and processing product line from the German company Acon Digital Media GmbH on January 1, 2012. Acon AS will continue to develop and support these products in the future.

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